Amit Chatterjee, CEO
Amit is a seasoned digital professional with a passion for making things move. Using a wide variety of tools in web design, animation and video production, Amit helps his clients better inform their marketing objectives and breathe life into their stories.

Yogesh Jain, President
Yogesh has over twenty years of experience in owing and managing business. He is a self starter, results oriented professional. He is embedded with great business skills that are a must in today business world. Yogesh has worked in various businesses and has gained tremendous amount of skills and goodwill along the way.

Ana Vujcuf, Creative Director
In her early age Ana developed an interest for drawing and art, when basically every available surface became a canvas. Her love for art later in life took her to the School for Applied Art and Design in Zagreb, and Faculty of Graphic Arts from the University of Zagreb, where she graduated with a degree in Graphic Technologies. Today she is a graphic designer and illustrator, who likes to experiment and work with paper.

Gabrielle Lasporte, Graphic Designer Consultant
Drawing since the age of 14, Gabrielle has been the creator of many diverse art pieces across many forms of media from pencil and charcoal to screenprinting and most recently Modern Batik. Chances are if it has to do with art, she has tried it, used it, shaped it, molded it or cut it.

Shanon Fujioka, Photographer
Shanon is an emerging photography artist and a former OCAD graduate. Digital photography is her medium of choice and she uses this medium in versatile ways when she creates her artwork. She uses photography to document moments, places and things that can only exist temporarily within the frame of the photograph.

Advisory Team:
Stephen Kawaguchi, Digital Advisor
Christian McLeod, Artistic Advisor
Yoshiko Tai, Japanese Arts & Crafts Advisor