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We believe in the power of design to create a positive change in people's lives.

People often ask us about our name…
Polka Dot Beaver

polka dots are a pattern of dots arranged to create lines, and dots and lines are the building blocks of visual design

– the beaver is a Canadian symbol that stands for hard work, creativity, and perseverance

Next to humans, beavers are the only mammals that
can significantly change the environment by building dams, which can positively affect the surrounding area; they improve water quality, restore wetlands, and create a habitat for various animal species. 

Like the impact that a beaver’s dam has, we value the impact our designs have on our clients and their communities. Therefore, inspiration for our branding comes from a riverscape – the beaver’s habitat. 

Over the past few years, we have worked with
local and international clients from various industries. Our mission is to help clients grow their businesses by telling their stories creatively and effectively so that they connect with their customers in a meaningful way.

Ana Vujcuf

Co-Founder / Creative Director

Ana is the talent behind all of the elegant and impactful designs at Polka Dot Beaver. With a Master of Engineering in Graphic Technology (Graphic Design major) from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb, and 15 years of experience in the design industry, Ana has worked with brands including Coty, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto Wolfpack, Croatian National Tourist Board, fashion designer Pat McDonagh, artist Jon Lomberg and many more. Passionate about her work, she always strives for excellence and to find the best possible design solutions for her clients.

Hans Bathija

Co-Founder / Business Development

Hans has a strong background in international business, media & technology, education, and financial services. He has 30+ years of experience building teams, delivering programs and leading startups. Hans has worked with leading-edge companies, including Xerox, Reuters, Schawk/SGK, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. He was a part of the branding implementation team for a major Canadian bank and acted as a Brand Ambassador. Hans brings a business perspective to creative projects and helps clients with brand strategy and oversight.

Win Shi Wong

Digital Marketing

Win Shi is a full-stack digital marketer with extensive experience in non-profits, charity, retail, e-commerce, finance, startup and community building. She specializes in marketing strategy, SEO, email marketing, paid ads and social media. The online world is constantly changing, and digital marketing and tools can be confusing. For that reason, Win Shi is passionate about helping small businesses grow their online presence effectively and sustainably.

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