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St. John Ambulance is an international volunteer first aid organization. St. John Ambulance and the Order of St. John have a long history originating in the 11th century in Jerusalem when the volunteers created a hospital to care for sick pilgrims. The Museum of the Order of St. John is located in London, UK. However, the museum’s website does not include its prolific Canadian history, which has lasted from 1883 to today.


St. John Ambulance Toronto Region sought to create an online museum as a record of the history of St. John Ambulance and the Order of St. John in Toronto and Ontario.


The website’s primary objectives are: to provide a museum experience by displaying information and photos of St. John’s historical events and artifacts, promote the organization, educate the public about St. John’s rich history, attract new volunteers, and drive donations for the organization.


The symbol of the Order, a white Maltese cross on a black background, is an international symbol of first aid and St. John Ambulance’s logo.


We started by bringing the St. John Ambulance Canada logo, brand colours and typography into the website’s design. We combined the black and white version of the symbol with the museum’s name to create a new logo. The museum’s logotype consists of sans serif and serif typefaces to elicit feelings of modern times that are rooted in history and tradition. We also used the burgundy and orange St. John Ambulance brand colours for web design elements and accents, along with black and white.


The website is divided into historical sections and an overall timeline for a better overview and understanding of the events.  It is built with accessibility in mind since the site will be used by the general public. As an ongoing project, the online museum can be expanded and updated over time as more historical artifacts are identified, researched, and photographed.

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